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Our projects

Our key areas are web applications and mobile applications where high performance is fundamental. We are specialists in sites where there are high number of users, high volumes of data and response times need to be fast. We utilize technologies that at associated in the sector known as Big Data. Typically our applications can support over 200 million real time records and over 60,000 hits a day and growing...

We also develop feature rich web and mobile application's that do not require such volumes. Cubex have work closely with customers using Agile processes to deliver feature rich, fast to market applications.

A US school meal service with a difference
Hot nutritional meals delivered straight to school

LunchMaster is a company delivering hot meals to schools in San Francisco. With the handy service, kids and their parents can choose and order healthy nutrition online from the menu available for private schools, and get the extensive information about meals' ingredients and calories.

Lunch Master #1
Lunch Master #2
Help your employees develop
Jointly build career paths

HR Grades is an employer and employee assessment tool. It includes workflow and templates for incentive and mandatory assessments, self assessment and colleague assessments can easily be reported including graph reporting.

HR Grades #1
HR Grades #2
Team Task & Time Tracking
With high volume real time analytics

Layer24 is an off-the-shelf software product for tracking working time and for employees' productivity increase. Unlike any of the other applications Layer24 is installed in-house and allows comprehensive support of your data privacy. Software product allows configuring profiles of performance applications and nonproductive ones individually for every department/employee.

Layer24 #1
Layer24 #2
A new beginning in real estate portals
A new level of functionality and flexibility for Australia

Box+Dice helps real estate businesses grow by helping you connect and stay connected to your clients. More than just a CRM solution, Box+Dice provides you with an operating system to transform the way you run your business and connect with clients.

And unlike other companies, Box+Dice is much more than just a software solution. We combine our innovative software, designed by real estate people, with expert consulting and training to ensure you get the whole Box+Dice.

Box+Dice #1
Box+Dice #2
Build and Scale Real-time apps fast!
From one of the hot top 10 US startups

PubNub set out in 2009 to develop a Data Stream Network for developers to build realtime apps as easily as building a web page. The PubNub Data Stream Network provides global cloud infrastructure and key building blocks for realtime interactivity. We let developers spend their time on what they do best... creating killer realtime apps!

Today, PubNub powers thousands of realtime apps around the world, from innovative start-ups to globally recognized brands. We manage 3 million realtime messages per second and 100 million devices per month. We support over 50 SDKs for mobile, browser, desktop and server. And we are globally scaled, with 14 data centers and 99.999% SLAs.

PubNub #1
PubNub #2
Where fans book bands
Crowd power for music

Rabbl asks, "Should this BAND play this TOWN during this WEEK, at this ticket PRICE?" Each fan votes YES by reserving tickets to the show, and committing their credit card to the ticket price, plus service fees. If fans reserve enough tickets to meet the goal, credit cards are charged.

Bands talk to club owners, and also to fans, who might know about non-traditional places to play. The band settles on the exact day, time, and venue for the show. We notify fans of the details. Fans on the list get in at the door without paying anything. We ask fans if the show happened. If they tell us yes, we send the ticket price money to the band.

Rabbl #1
Rabbl #2
A US high volume voucher site
The higher the numbers the more we like it

Halfoffdepot is a large US “in demand by user “internet voucher service. It allows the user to search select and purchase items in an online discount virtual shop.

Cubex designed, developed & implemented the Halfoffdepot application as a dynamic scalability service with 60 000 hits a day.

HalfOffDepot #1
Find a photographer…anywhere!
A mobile photographer matchmaker

Picquest is a social network for photographers and their clients. With just one click you can find photographers in the close proximity. They will come and capture your event. Picquest is like LinkedIn for photographers. Simple users are not left out of consideration, right after having registered within the photograph service, users will automatically be presented with pictures from events they have visited.

PicQuest #1
PicQuest #1
Oh la la. French video sharing
Crowd voting determines the content

Within HotStory project we developed a unique CMS which allows reviewing viral video clips and other multimedia content by a large attendance (millions of simultaneous reviews). We as well made possible the process of popular video content sharing in social networks and analytics of views.

HotStory #1
Effective online marketing
Your target audience is closer than you think automates routine operations for online marketing. If you're a CRM systems' user, Ontaport or Infusionsoft, we will allow you to more effectively build scenarios for your target audience. Our service provides you with advanced information about your clients, sends text messages, checks the required boxes and arranges data and many many more.

Automize #1
Automize #1
Let’s think!
A brainstorming and collaboration site

- Collaborate in the same room, or across the globe, in real time or any time.

- Create sticky notes and action lists. Upload images.

- Invite others to collaborate by sending an email or posting a link.

- Instantly save any group of notes or the whole canvas to a PDF.

- Access on-demand videos on how to use Teamput with various leadership and self-improvement templates (coming soon!).

TeamPut #1