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Our projects

Our key areas are web applications and mobile applications where high performance is fundamental. We are specialists in sites where there are high number of users, high volumes of data and response times need to be fast. We utilize technologies that at associated in the sector known as Big Data. Typically our applications can support over 200 million real time records and over 60,000 hits a day and growing...

We also develop feature rich web and mobile application's that do not require such volumes. Cubex have work closely with customers using Agile processes to deliver feature rich, fast to market applications.

Web & Mobile hotel service - SocialStay


Socialstay provides a more tailored personal experience when staying in a hotel. Socialstay is a mobile app that allow guest to receive information about a hotel, it’s services, reserve rooms, interact with hotel staff, check in and even communicate with other guests.

Socialstay can be easily configured by individual hotels or chains. It provides a branded mobile application that can be downloaded from the Appstore and Google Play.

A Voucher site - Halfoffdept

Halfoffdepot is a large US “in demand by user “internet voucher service. It allows the user to search select and purchase items in an online discount virtual shop.

Cubex designed, developed & implemented the Halfoffdepot application. We also provided migration services from the “Half off Depot” old architecture to our new architecture and we are now working on additional joint system functionality. One of our many strengths included successfully solving problems associated with the requirement of a dynamic scalability service.

Halfoffdepot is an example of our high load applications with over 60,000 daily hits.

Travel Portal - SPO


SPO is a good example of Cubex ability to build high performance content aggregator sites. We use syndication processes to gather a distribute content to suit our travel clients customers’ needs. This type of work is popular in news and airline fields and we have produced some very clever algorithms to provide content for our holiday package application.

Social network - Strbrd (archived)

Strbrd is social media for the yachting fraternity which integrates into other social communities. It provides a service for like minded people to share experiences, collaborate on projects and work on ideas by web or mobile.

Our company developed the user interface, back-end and, carried out integration with third party social services as well as creating the mobile application.

The tool for tracking working time - Tahometer

Tahometer is a employee time tracking service. It automatically tracks employee activities and generates reports which can be used as a basis for client invoicing and other task related activities. It involves a small install on the employees computer and a web based application for generating reports and a dashboard of employees, the service works on a fermium model and can support various operating systems. The service is supported by Cubex support.



Assessment tools - HRGrades

HR Grades

 HR Grades is a employer and employee assessment tool. It includes workflow and templates for incentive and mandatory assessments.self assessment and colleague assessments can easily be reported including graph reporting.

HR Grades includes assessments such as 360 reviews.